Thursday, December 11, 2008

working with "old" and new media

Reading Sophia's article about new and old media I can only say that for sure we get into new times. Times where everyone has to find the best way to take advantage of what new media can offer to old media and of course new media to learn from years of experience and avoid, the users of them, the same mistakes.
New media can't replace what we have in our mind as a traditional information of source but for sure they can walk ahead together. As society, we need both, we have to use both, we have to advise both. Besides the more sources we have about what is going out there the better it is. The most amazing fact is that we can choose the source anymore, we can choose from where we get the information, the comments, the analysis!
We become from passive receivers, active participants.
We can share what we think, what we see, what we know in seconds with other people, with audience around the world but even we want or we like we can't be valuable commenter, analyst.
We don't have to wait old media to bring us close to what is happening but we can read or get the latest information almost in real time and then waiting old media having the professionals to explain them to analyze them.

The last years is true that old media were confused about what they have to do first; to send the information, to share the facts or to analyze them. It seems that nowadays things get clear. New Media become the fast media, the real time media, the interactive information source and Old Media keep the professional role to analyze, comment in more professional way. Of course both sides and areas can be mixed but both sides turn to know where they have to focus!

More and more Things drive us to moment that we choose from where we get the information, we share the information, we spread news and we exchange knowledge without the old media filtering!


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