Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Facebook, my personal point of view

I have to admit that Facebook for me was almost an addiction. I was many ours per day in, trying applications, adding old friends, getting in touch with new ones and feel like I had discovered again America.

Now, after almost a year being around and after having almost 1000 contacts I feel that the rush is behind me. No time for playing with applications, to add contacts isn't the most important thing, it's still interesting to find people you have centuries to meet them but I start feeling that the magic is no longer around.

Of course I am still impressed by the fact that we make public and we "share" with anyone things which before we kept them for us. People love publicity and Facebook provides tons of them. It's easy to make people feel jealous or to admire you if you travel all the time around, or if you are a party animal and you upload all the time photos from the clubs and parties you have joined. We love to make others feel good be close to us, to share their life with us. Facebook gives us the chance to be someone among strangers. And, we love that!

Facebook gives me a false sense of contact. The vast majority on my Facebook friends I really want to hear from. I love seeing their pics and their updates and learning what they are getting on with in life. It’s just that I don’t really talk to them. it's just we are in different places, different lives, way of life, different phases. So, being around in Fb, is like being around in real life.

At the end of day, Fb isn't what it was for me in the beginning, just a huge playground full of people I didn't or I did know... Let's say that now is a common point for me and people living in different glances.


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