Thursday, December 18, 2008

living with social Media...

The last days I get and I read more and more articles about how Social Media get in our lives, agencies want to know more about them, people get more and more fascinated to know, to read, to understand what Social Media are. Everyone wants to find out how to make things work for him, how to make money, how to turn streams to right direction.

At the same time most of brands try to get on Social Media train, to find out why they do need them, why they have to use them, what they are going to get, to gain. Brands come face to face with tools like Twitter, meanings like microblogging; they hear success stories and they try to jump on right ship just on the right moment!

As Rohit Bhargava writes on his article about "5 stages of Twitter Acceptance" brands go through a 5 stages to accept that Twitter is here to use it, to accept it, to find out how they can make it work in right direction.

Yet many of the people who declare themselves "converted" and have opened Twitter accounts aren't getting the best benefit. Until recently, I was one of them. I started thinking about this after getting some feedback to my recent blog survey that people were not finding my Twitter feed (@rohitbhargava) very useful or interesting. Until that point, I had been using it as a place to write all the things that I didn't consider important enough to blog about. I hadn't yet accepted it's true influence. So now I'm trying to revise the way that I use the tool. I retweet other's posts more often. I share links to things that I didn't write, but found interesting. I have been experimenting with playful posts like a "word of the day" feature. All this is to try and find a better rhythm so that I am approaching what I would call a Level 5 stage of acceptance with Twitter. Here's a graphic I created to describe how I see those stages:

So after the steps above New Media and Social Media seems to be more than necessary to everyone of us!


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spleeness said...

Good point, I'm constantly rethinking how I'm using new media also. I too want to branch out to higher steps!

I don't use Twitter as often as I feel I should but maybe that will change in 2009...