Friday, November 20, 2009


Frankfurt, Germany here; Lying on a couch in biz lounge at the airport after an almost 13h flight and had the most amazing 36 hours of my life in San Fran. Now I am waiting for the plane to Athens, Greece where a big for me “thing “ needs to close and reverse counting for something new is about to start.

Got invited to travel a few thousand miles to meet people working in Valley and talk with them about how and if and maybe when to do things together. The challenge started weeks ago with some phone calls, followed by a trip to London and - so far – (I hope this is just one stage in the beginning chapter) it is now within the long and really demanding spiritual and physical jump to San Fran.

As I watch the planes come and go, I try to bring clarity and syntax to my brain. All these feelings, talks, memories, and experiences I went through. It was cool to see the people leading front end teams; Even better to talk to you, like you are the most important person in the world. For a European , even though I have spent the best five years of my life in CA, to be with people in so senior positions and feel so good with them it’s not that customary.
50h later since the trip has started I feel for sure wiser and richer as person, as evangelist, as a media strategist. I don’t know if I am going to get the job or not, but for sure I know that I have learnt so many things these 50h that the long trip has lasted.

I have been taught two things: To be original, to be yourself. Try to find positive sides on each moment of your life. There are no mistakes, only good life’s lessons. Don’t try to explain too much but have for sure a good short explanation for everything. You will need it. The most important thing is to show that you have gained something out of each moment you have gone through. I so much enjoyed having a “normal” dinner with people full of dreams, passion and determination to make these dreams and plans come true, to be part of the changes, to ride the stream.
Something last but not least, you need a coach, a mentor to do things. Thanks to mine, I felt I was so many steps ahead on each case. Even when things started to be rough and tough I knew how to ride the talk, drive it to paths I was better and more confident. There are people out there, coaches and mentors who know something more, having the gift to share with you life’s and career’s experience. And mine was always a side walker to me.

Almost 20h ago waiting airplane to Europe I caught me asking myself why should I go back? If there is any place in the world capable to make you feel the rush to be creative, to give you orgasms for doing the things you love and want, then, that place of inspiration is CA. There is no right or wrong answer here but only a proper promise to myself. I will be back for sure…