Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Getting cloudy.... set up what media production is

People love Sun... of course, when we are talking about weather, but at the same time, wired and people love having everything no matter the timing, then there is nothing better than clouds.
The last days and having a series of meetings about how media can face even better what is going on around, always talking about trends and technologies, needs and demands, media people start realizing that the meaning of term “media production” gets a new frame. For years there was the “legendary” flow. The content creator should follow and respect a flow; where to find things, how to use them, how to spread them, to edit them. In our days everything we need exists in a cloud, everything is easy to get it “on the fly” cut it, edit it, use it, spread it without waste of time. You feed different channels just with one click without thinking how or why or when or if you can do it, you are able to do it.
Media get “scary” that they can’t control the flow, the media production flow. But they can use the cloud. They can be even more creative, freer to do things, to provide content.
People are on the move, you don’t have to be extensive on what you write, share but you can be up to the point. Needs, our needs get more and more various, more different…
Everything drives media to be cloudy, they have the resources, the content, the raw or edited content to give media consumers what they need on the time they need it. Nobody needs a flow anymore. What we need is just the cloud.
Using cloud content pools, media providers and media consumers can only gain because everything gets and get created on demand, on media consumers’ requirements. The result; more targeted content, more revenues to come, the more channels providers use to spread it, especially the mobile ones, the more people follow them, attend them.

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