Tuesday, January 27, 2009

getting wired is freedom!

It’s impressive to observe how things change the last few weeks.
It’s completely interesting to know that everything goes fast; everything goes transparent because there is someone pushes to that direction, everything changes because it can.

What we live is, what means interaction on internet, what means social media, what means spreading information changes and takes a road which is out of classic rules. People and organizations had the control over news lose it now; politicians don’t know anymore what to do and how to do it about controlling things, new information channels get public, people share knowledge, images, video and everything goes faster, easier, safer, freer.

People have to get wired if they want to be free; to do things without reporting to someone had the control.
Freedom is to get everything, to choose what you like to know, to follow people who have something to say, it means something and is important to you, to be followed by people you are interested in.
The most amazing in the whole story is that we have the right to choose anymore; to choose how to be expressed and how to express ourselves. We don’t need approvals; we don’t need someone’s kick to do something, to step forward.

It’s great that everyone has a brand, we are no longer anybody, not a mess but we have a brand to work on it, to promote it. People judge us for what we have to say, what we can share, the most important is to share, not to keep things under protection.
Closed areas, teams, places, ideas, locked ideas, locked packages just die, shared things, creatively shared things get alive, get stronger. Things which get wired get global.
My opinion, your opinion isn’t any longer just an ocean’s drop but something valuable, something which pushes things forward.

Our days get creative because they push us to be creative, productive. What we can what we are able to share, willing to share, want to give, spread out there, doesn’t have to be perfect, doesn’t have to be artistic.
Sharing and spreading is the perfection. People who share things gain respect, people who give without threatening with punishments or rapping for using something, gain respect, step forward.

The most important is to give, to make things get wired, to travel fast, everywhere, without restrictions but with creativity.
It’s in our hands how to manage our personal brand, how to build the brand make us known out there.


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αθηνά χατζή said...

"χαράξου κάπου με οποιονδήποτε τρόπο και σβήσου μετά με γενναιοδωρία".
Οδ. Ελύτης, Μαρία Νεφέλη

I would agree with the "sharing" and "giving" part and keeping no secrets. Closets full of skeletons constitute a thing of the past and yes, I firmly believe in keeping life accessible, expressing an opinion - as long as it is grounded upon reason - and sharing information.

Michael Leander said...

Interesting thoughts. The wired part is so true - as is the part about transparency. Keep your thoughts coming.

Aspa said...

All this interaction and freedom are impressive indeed. I am thankful that I live in this age!